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The Parable of The Prodigal Son

 – or The Tale of Two Brothers...?



prodigal hugging the fatherThe Parable of the Prodigal Son became a reality to me during the early stages of my husband’s prodigal journey, and I started praying that the Lord would quicken my husband “…to come to his senses,” and that he would return home. 

But, during the course of his journey, the Lord revealed to me that it was not really the “Parable of the Prodigal Son,” but actually “The Tale of Two Brothers.

Both the younger brother and the older brother had hardened their hearts to their father, one had simply run and the other had simply stayed in the home.  Both had lost the intimate relationship with their father.  Both had lost the understanding and relevation of sonship.  Both also returned and tried to relate to the father, believing he was less than a son.

It was actually through the heart of the father and the father’s responses that both were given the chance to come to their senses and have a restored relationship with the father and with each other.

When I read the relevant passage again in Luke 15 vs 11-32, I discovered that verses 12-24 was about the younger son’s journey and from verses 25-32 (essentially half) was the story of the older brother’s journey.  

two brothersThroughout the past years, it has become clear to both my husband and I that every single person is one or the other of these brothers – either we harden our hearts and do the runner from our Heavenly Father and return with such a perspective of ourselves that we return as less than a son or daughter of the Most High – for the younger brother returned to be a servant in his father’s home.  Or we harden our hearts to the Heavenly Father and stay within His home – serving and working for Him in such a manner that it all looks and sounds good, but again, the revelation of who we are to our Father is missing. 

The saddest part of this story is that it appears that the older brother was a lot slower to coming to any understanding of sonship and having a softened heart, which sadly seems to be the case for many of us who have remained in the Father’s house for a long time and become habitual servers of Him, out of duty, without the love relationship! 

In fact, the story ends in such a manner that we do not know whether either he or his younger brother even got the revelation of who they were to their father, even got that THEY WERE HIS SONS!

I want to challenge you now with a question – at this time in your life, which brother are you? 

It is time for us to pray for a fresh perspective of our love relationship with our Father – it is time for us to begin to behave and act and respond as sons and daughters of the Most High!

Meanwhile, at the same time, this story is also showing us the Father heart of our God.  For from our responses and actions to others, we can show and help others to learn how to change their mindsets about themselves, and change their perspective of who they are to Him – SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE MOST HIGH!

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